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Virtual Block 5 Card List – Light Side - By Type


Type Card Name Rarity
Let's Go Left (V) R
Artoo, Brave Little Droid (V) R
Artoo, Brave Little Droid (V) (AI) R
Bail Organa C
Chewbacca Of Kashyyyk (V) R
Clone Pilot C2
Clone Trooper C2
Jedi Advisor C
Jedi Guardian C
Jedi Survivor C
Ki-Adi-Mundi (V) U
Lieutenant Williams (V) U
Mace Windu (V) R
Mace Windu (V) (AI) R
Master Qui-Gon (V) R
Master Qui-Gon (V) (AI) R
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Knight (V) PM
Padme Naberrie (V) R
Padme Naberrie (V) (AI) R
Plo Koon (V) R
Republic Trooper With Blaster Rifle C2
Senator Jar Jar Binks R
Senator Jar Jar Binks (AI) R
Senator Mon Mothma R
Senator Padme Amidala C
Supreme Chancellor Palpatine C
Wookiee (V) F
Yarua (V) U
Yoda, Great Warrior U
Yoda, Senior Council Member (V) R
Yoda, Senior Council Member (V) (AI) R
A Jedi's Cunning R
A Jedi's Plans R
An Unusual Amount Of Fear (V) PM
Grrrghrrrgh! R1
So This Is How Liberty Dies R
We'll Take The Long Way U
Wesa Ready To Do Our-sa Part (V) C
Ambush (V) R
Changing The Odds (V) C
Krayt Dragon Howl (V) R1
Wookiee Guide (V) C
Wookiee Roar (V) R1
Blockade Flagship: Prison U
Coruscant: Jedi Archives C
Coruscant: Jedi Council Chamber (V) R
Coruscant: Night Club R2
Coruscant: Senate Landing Platform C
Kashyyyk (V) C1
Kashyyyk: Sacred Forest C
Kashyyyk: Wookiee Haven (Forest) C
We Have A Plan / They Will Be Lost And Confused (V) U
We'll Handle This / Duel Of The Fates (V) PM
Alderaan Consular Ship U2
Bravo Fighter (V) C
Jedi Starfighter R
Obi-Wan in Radiant VII R
Republic Corvette U2
Bowcaster (V) R2
Elegant Lightsaber C
Jedi Lightsaber (V) U1

Virtual Block 5 Card List – Dark Side - By Type


Type Card Name Rarity
Nothing Can Get Through Our Shield (V) R
Aurra Sing (V) R
Aurra Sing (V) (AI) R
Chokk (V) U
Coruscant Guard (V) C
Daultay Dofine (V) R
Elite Squadron Stormtrooper (V) C
Jango Fett PM
Keder The Black (V) R
Lord Sidious U
Sebulba (V) R
Sebulba (V) (AI) R
Sith Probe Droid (V) R
Watto (V) R
Watto (V) (AI) R
Mandalorian Armor (V) R
A Sith's Plans U
An Enemy Of The Republic C2
At Last We Are Getting Results (V) C
Establish Control (V) U
Expand The Empire (V) R1
Nute Gunray's Bounty U
Order 66 C
Strategic Reserves (V) R
Trained In The Jedi Arts PM
Where Are Those Droidekas?! (V) PM
Wipe Them Out, All Of Them (V) U
With Thunderous Applause R
Force Push (V) PM
Sith Fury (V) C
Trade Federation Tactics (V) U
Vader's Anger (V) C
Coruscant: Chancellor's Office C
Maul's Sith Speeder C
Dark Jedi Lightsaber (V) U1