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Death Star 2 Card List – Light Side - By Type


Type Card Name Rarity
Capital Support R
Combined Fleet Action R
Concentrate All Fire R
I'll Take The Leader R
Taking Them With Us R
Admiral Ackbar XR
Captain Verrack U
Colonel Cracken R
Colonel Salm U
Corporal Marmor U
Corporal Midge U
First Officer Thaneespi R
General Calrissian R
General Walex Blissex U
Gray Squadron Y-wing Pilot C
Green Leader R
Green Squadron Pilot C
Karie Neth U
Keir Santage U
Kin Kian U
Lieutenant Blount R
Lieutenant s'Too Vees U
Lieutenant Telsij U
Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight UR
Major Haash'n U
Major Olander Brit U
Major Panno U
Nien Nunb R
Ten Numb R
Tycho Celchu R
Wedge Antilles, Red Squadron Leader R
Close Air Support C
Honor Of The Jedi U
I Feel The Conflict U
I'm With You Too R
Launching The Assault R
Let's Keep A Little Optimism Here C
Menace Fades C
Squadron Assignments C
Staging Areas C
Strike Planning R
Strikeforce C
Superficial Damage C
The Time For Our Attack Has Come C
The Way Of Things C
Twilight Is Upon Me R
Your Insight Serves You Well U
Anakin Skywalker R
Critical Error Revealed C
Head Back To The Surface C
Heading For The Medical Frigate C
Insertion Planning C
Our Only Hope U
Rebel Leadership R
You Must Confront Vader R
Aquaris C
Home One: Docking Bay C
Home One: War Room R
Mon Calamari C
Sullust C
There Is Good In Him / I Can Save Him R
A-wing C
Blue Squadron 5 U
Blue Squadron B-wing R
B-wing Attack Squadron R
B-wing Bomber C
Defiance R
Gold Squadron 1 R
Gray Squadron 1 U
Gray Squadron 2 U
Green Squadron 1 R
Green Squadron 3 R
Green Squadron A-wing R
Home One R
Independence R
Liberty R
Luminous U
Masanya R
Mon Calamari Star Cruiser R
Nebulon-B Frigate U
Red Squadron 1 R
Red Squadron 4 U
Red Squadron 7 U
Tala 1 R
Tala 2 R
A-wing Cannon C
Concussion Missiles C
Enhanced Proton Torpedoes C
Heavy Turbolaser battery C
Luke's Lightsaber R
Orbital Mine C

Death Star 2 Card List – Dark Side - By Type


Type Card Name Rarity
Battle Deployment R
Fighter Cover R
Fighters Coming In R
Intensify The Forward Batteries R
We're In Attack Position Now R
Admiral Chiraneau R
Admiral Piett XR
Baron Soontir Fel R
Captain Godherdt U
Captain Jonus U
Captain Sarkli R
Captain Yorr U
Colonel Davod Jon U
Colonel Jendon R
Commander Merrejk R
DS-181-3 U
DS-181-4 U
Emperor Palpatine UR
Janus Greejatus R
Lieutenant Endicott U
Lieutenant Hebsly U
Lord Vader R
Major Mianda U
Major Rhymer U
Major Turr Phennir U
Moff Jerjerrod R
Myn Kyneugh R
Royal Guard C
Sim Aloo R
Combat Response C
Desperate Counter C
Emperor's Power U
Endor Shield U
Flagship Operations R
Inconsequential Losses C
Insignificant Rebellion U
Leave Them To Me C
Mobilization Points C
Overseeing It Personally R
Royal Escort C
Something Special Planned For Them C
You Cannot Hide Forever U
Your Destiny C
That Thing's Operational R
Force Lightning R
Imperial Command R
Operational As Planned C
Prepared Defenses C
Rise, My Friend R
Young Fool R
Death Star II R
Death Star II: Capacitors C
Death Star II: Coolant Shaft C
Death Star II: Docking Bay C
Death Star II: Reactor Core C
Death Star II: Throne Room R
Gall C
Mon Calamari C
Sullust C
Bring Him Before Me / Take Your Father's Place R
Accuser R
Black 11 R
Chimaera R
Dominator R
Emperor's Personal Shuttle R
Flagship Executor R
Judicator R
Obsidian 10 U
Onyx 1 R
Onyx 2 U
Saber 1 R
Saber 2 U
Saber 3 U
Saber 4 U
Scimitar 1 U
Scimitar 2 U
Scimitar Squadron TIE C
Scythe 1 U
Scythe 3 U
Scythe Squadron TIE C
The Emperor's Shield R
The Emperor's Sword R
Thunderflare R
TIE Interceptor C
Visage R
Concussion Missiles C
Darth Vader's Lightsaber R
Force Pike C
Heavy Turbolaser Battery C
SFS L-s7.2 TIE Cannon C
Superlaser Mark II U