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Endor Card List – Light Side - By Type


Type Card Name Rarity
Captain Yutani U
Chewbacca Of Kashyyyk R
Chief Chirpa R
Corporal Beezer U
Corporal Delevar U
Corporal Janse U
Corporal Kensaric R
Daughter Of Skywalker R
Dresselian Commando C
Endor Scout Trooper C
Ewok Sentry C
Ewok Spearman C
Ewok Tribesman C
General Crix Madine R
General Solo R
Graak R
Kazak R
Lieutenant Greeve R
Lieutenant Page R
Logray R
Lumat U
Mon Mothma R
Orrimaarko R
Paploo U
Rabin U
Romba R
Sergeant Brooks Carlson R
Sergeant Bruckman R
Sergeant Junkin U
Teebo R
Threepio R
Wicket R
Wuta U
Aim High R
Battle Plan U
Commando Training C
Count Me In R
I Hope She's All Right U
I Wonder Who They Found U
Insurrection U
That's One R
Wokling R
Deactivate The Shield Generator R
Careful Planning C
Covert Landing U
Endor Celebration R
Ewok And Roll C
Ewok Log Jam C
Ewok Rescue C
Firefight C
Fly Casual R
Free Ride U
Get Alongside That One U
Here We Go Again R
I Have A Really Bad Feeling About This C
I Know R
Lost In The Wilderness R
Rapid Deployment R
Sound The Attack C
Surprise Counter Assault R
Take The Initiative C
This Is Absolutely Right R
Throw Me Another Charge U
Were You Looking For Me? R
Wookiee Guide C
Yub Yub! C
Chandrila U
Endor U
Endor: Back Door U
Endor: Bunker U
Endor: Chief Chirpa's Hut R
Endor: Dense Forest C
Endor: Ewok Village U
Endor: Great Forest C
Endor: Hidden Forest Trail U
Endor: Landing Platform (Docking Bay) C
Endor: Rebel Landing Site (Forest) R
Rebel Strike Team / Garrison Destroyed R
Tydirium R
YT-1300 Transport C
Chewie's AT-ST R
Ewok Glider C
Speeder Bike C
A280 Sharpshooter Rifle R
BlasTech E-11B Blaster Rifle C
Chewbacca's Bowcaster R
Ewok Bow C
Ewok Catapult U
Ewok Spear C
Explosive Charge U

Endor Card List – Dark Side - By Type


Type Card Name Rarity
AT-ST Pilot C
Biker Scout Trooper C
Colonel Dyer R
Commander Igar R
Corporal Avarik U
Corporal Drazin U
Corporal Drelosyn R
Corporal Misik R
Corporal Oberk R
Elite Squadron Stormtrooper C
Lieutenant Arnet U
Lieutenant Grond U
Lieutenant Renz R
Lieutenant Watts R
Major Hewex R
Major Marquand R
Navy Trooper C
Navy Trooper Fenson R
Navy Trooper Shield Technician C
Navy Trooper Vesden U
Sergeant Barich R
Sergeant Elsek U
Sergeant Irol R
Sergeant Tarl U
Sergeant Wallen R
An Entire Legion Of My Best Troops U
Aratech Corporation R
Battle Order U
Biker Scout Gear U
Closed Door R
Crossfire R
Early Warning Network R
Empire's New Order R
Establish Secret Base R
Imperial Academy Training C
Imperial Arrest Order U
Ominous Rumors R
Perimeter Patrol R
Pinned Down U
Relentless Tracking R
Search And Destroy U
Security Precautions R
Well-earned Command R
Accelerate C
Always Thinking With Your Stomach R
Combat Readiness C
Compact Firepower C
Counterattack R
Dead Ewok C
Don't Move! C
Eee Chu Wawa! C
Endor Occupation R
Freeze! U
Go For Help! C
High-speed Tactics U
Hot Pursuit C
Imperial Tyranny C
It's An Older Code R
Main Course U
Outflank C
Pitiful Little Band C
Scout Recon C
Sneak Attack C
Wounded Warrior R
You Rebel Scum R
Carida U
Endor U
Endor: Ancient Forest U
Endor: Back Door U
Endor: Bunker U
Endor: Dark Forest R
Endor: Dense Forest C
Endor: Ewok Village U
Endor: Forest Clearing U
Endor: Great Forest C
Endor: Landing Platform (Docking Bay) C
Endor Operations / Imperial Outpost R
Lambda-Class Shuttle C
Speeder Bike C
Tempest 1 R
Tempest Scout U
Tempest Scout 1 R
Tempest Scout 2 R
Tempest Scout 3 R
Tempest Scout 4 R
Tempest Scout 5 R
Tempest Scout 6 R
AT-ST Dual Cannon R
Scout Blaster C
Speeder Bike Cannon U