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Virtual Block 9 Card List – Light Side - By Rarity


Type Card Name Rarity
Anakin Skywalker, Padawan Learner C
Azure Angel C
Clone Sniper C
Clone Specialist C
Commander Adar Tallon C
Foul Moudama C
Geonosis: Petranaki Arena C
Muunilinst: Docking Bay C
Republic At War / Aggressive Negotiations C
Republic Gunship Wing C
Blaster Rifle (V) C1
Muunilinst: Harnaidan Plains C1
Acclamator-Class Assault Ship C2
Cloning Cylinders C2
Geonosis: Rocky Plains C2
Low-Altitude Assault Transport C2
Muunilinst C2
Muunilinst: Republic Landing Site C2
Voolvif Monn C2
Hunt Down The Dark Acolyte PM
Leebo PM
Rescue On Geonosis PM
A Grand Army Of The Republic R
Begun, The Clone War Has R
General Airen Cracken R
General Bel Iblis R
Max Rebo (V) R
Muunilinst: City of Harnaidan R
Nien Nunb, Sullustan Smuggler R
This Is More Like It (V) R
What About That Blue One? R
Assault on Muunilinst U
Clone Infantry Squad U
Dorme' U
Geonosis: Docking Bay U
Geonosis: Forward Command Center U
Jaina Solo U
Much to Learn, You Still Have U
The Dark Side is Growing U
Captain Rex, 501st Legion U1

Virtual Block 9 Card List – Dark Side - By Rarity


Type Card Name Rarity
Count Dooku C
Defense of Muunilinst C
Everything Is Going As Planned C
Geonosis: Petranaki Arena C
Muunilinst: Docking Bay C
Muunilinst: Separatist Command Center C
DSD1 Dwarf Spider Droid C2
Durge C2
Fanblade Starfighter C2
Geonosis C2
IG-227 'Hailfire' Droid Tank C2
Muunilinst C2
Geonosis: Rocky Plains F
Geonosis: Docking Bay PM
Dooku's Solar Sailer R
Muunilinst: Banking Clan Headquarters R
Muunilinst: City of Harnaidan R
Nute Gunray (V) R
Ominous Rumors (V) R
Sate Pestage R
Separatist Uprising / At War With Itself R
War Has Begun R
Arena Execution U
Arena Pillars U
B2 Super Battle Droid U
Begin Landing Your Troops & The Dark Path U
Dooku's Lightsaber U
Join Me! (V) U
Maul's Cape U
Rally To Our Cause U
Captain Khurgee (V) U1
Geonosis: Separatist Council Room U1
Tatooine: Imperial Outpost U2