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Dagobah Card List – Light Side - By Name


Type Card Name Rarity
A Jedi's Strength U
Anger, Fear, Aggression C
Anoat U
Asteroid Field C
Asteroid Sanctuary C
Asteroids Do Not Concern Me R
Astromech Translator C
At Peace R
Away Put Your Weapon U
Big One U
Big One: Asteroid Cave Or Space Slug Belly U
Blasted Varmints C
Bog-wing C
Closer?! U
Control U
Dagobah U
Dagobah: Bog Clearing R
Dagobah: Jungle U
Dagobah: Swamp U
Dagobah: Training Area C
Dagobah: Yoda's Hut R
Descent Into The Dark R
Do, Or Do Not C
Domain Of Evil C
Droid Sensorscope U
Effective Repairs R
Egregious Pilot Error R
Encampment C
Flash Of Insight U
Found Someone You Have U
Great Warrior C
Grounded Starfighter U
Han's Toolkit R
Hiding In The Garbage R
I Have A Bad Feeling About This R
Ineffective Maneuver U
It Is The Future You See R
Jedi Levitation R
Landing Claw R
Levitation U
Light Maneuvers R
Lost Relay C
Luke's Backpack R
Moving To Attack Position C
Mynock C
Never Tell Me The Odds C
No Disintegrations! R
Nudj C
Obi-Wan's Apparition R
Order To Engage R
Polarized Negative Power Coupling R
Portable Fusion Generator C
Quick Draw C
Raithal R
Rebel Flight Suit C
Recoil In Fear C
Reflection R
Report To Lord Vader R
Retractable Arm C
Rogue Asteroid C
Rycar's Run R
Scramble U
Shoo! Shoo! U
Size Matters Not R
Smuggler's Blues R
Son Of Skywalker R
Space Slug R
Starship Levitation U
Stone Pile R
The Professor R
They'd Be Crazy To Follow Us C
This Is More Like It R
This Is No Cave R
Through The Force Things You Will See R
Tight Squeeze R
Transmission Terminated U
Tunnel Vision U
Vine Snake C
Visored Vision C
Wars Not Make One Great U
We Can Still Outmaneuver Them R
We Don't Need Their Scum R
What Is Thy Bidding, My Master? R
Yoda R
Yoda Stew U
Yoda, You Seek Yoda R
Yoda's Gimer Stick R
Yoda's Hope U
You Do Have Your Moments U

Dagobah Card List – Dark Side - By Name


Type Card Name Rarity
3,720 To 1 C
4-LOM's Concussion Rifle R
A Dangerous Time C
Anoat U
Apology Accepted C
Asteroid Field C
Avenger R
Awwww, Cannot Get Your Ship Out C
Bad Feeling Have I R
Big One U
Big One: Asteroid Cave Or Space Slug Belly U
Bog-wing C
Bombing Run R
Bossk R
Bossk's Mortar Gun R
Broken Concentration R
Captain Needa R
Close Call C
Comm Chief C
Commander Brandei U
Commander Gherant U
Commander Nemet U
Control U
Corporal Derdram U
Corporal Vandolay U
Corrosive Damage R
Dagobah: Cave R
Defensive Fire C
Dengar R
Dengar's Blaster Carbine R
Dragonsnake R
Executor R
Executor: Comm Station U
Executor: Control Station U
Executor: Holotheatre R
Executor: Main Corridor C
Executor: Meditation Chamber R
Failure At The Cave R
Fear C
Field Promotion R
Flagship R
Frustration R
He Is Not Ready C
HoloNet Transmission U
Hound's Tooth R
I Want That Ship R
IG-2000 R
IG-88 R
IG-88's Neural Inhibitor R
IG-88's Pulse Cannon R
Imbalance U
Imperial Helmsman C
Knowledge And Defense C
Lando System? R
Lieutenant Commander Ardan U
Lieutenant Suba R
Lieutenant Venka U
Location, Location, Location R
Lost In Space R
Mist Hunter R
Much Anger In Him R
Mynock C
Precision Targeting U
Proton Bombs U
Punishing One R
Raithal U
Res Luk Ra'auf R
Rogue Asteroid C
Shot In The Dark U
Shut Him Up Or Shut Him Down U
Sleen C
Something Hit Us! C
Space Slug U
Star Destroyer: Launch Bay C
Sudden Impact U
Take Evasive Action C
The Dark Path R
There Is No Try C
Those Rebels Won't Escape Us C
TIE Avenger C
TIE Bomber U
Uncertain Is The Future C
Unexpected Interruption R
Vine Snake C
Visage Of The Emperor R
Voyeur C
Warrant Officer M'Kae U
Zuckuss R
Zuckuss' Snare Rifle R